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Build solutions
for your business
and includes youth talent!

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It is possible to involve expert specialists and collaboration of graduates to solve specific challenges in your company. We transform the challenges that companies face in professional experiences for graduates. In return, companies and their employees receive direct advice from experts and collaboration from students to solve the challenge. 

Finally, companies and their workers access to specialists to resolve their critical issues, and in the process, share those real-world lessons to the community of students who demand professional experience in specific topics. 

Dibujo sobre una tabla

Expert guidance to solve more
quick your challenges

The connection with the expert mentor and students is by videoconference.

Cuadro financiero

Execute more actions
with the collaboration of graduates 

Results-oriented. Flexible shedule according to the demands of the project.  

Comercio de acciones


Access to tools recommended by  

You will have access to toolkits and other academic resources recommended by experts. 

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Sheila Juarez

Infood Co-Founder

"The mentor provided us with examples, tools, and material to help us solve key problems. We will certainly sign up again for another of his workshops. The students used it to put themselves in the "shoes" of the entrepreneur.


Liliana Licona

Xixanthé Biocosmética Founder

Excellent way of working to bring together different views and advice from experts who helped our company make decisions in a more structured way and with a clear goal.


Valeria Walder

Ahata Aju Co-Founder

"Because we believe that young people need to be trained in practice and complement the theoretical knowledge they acquire at university in a real case. We know what it is like to go through that stage, and we would like to be part of that process of change"

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