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  • Collaborative projects between companies, students and experts in order to promote first professional experiences

  • Self-learning tools



They gain relevant experience

in their specific careers


They receive advice from tutors and collaboration from students to implement projects. 


They share their knowledge in flexibles schedules

How it works?

Students pre-study the required skills and propose projects for companies

Students and companies work together and receive advice from experts around the world 

100% online and live interaction


Carlos Scolari,

Economy student  

"I found the idea quite innovative and with a methodology of education closer to reality, networking, and sharing knowledge through a platform, I learned a lot from the experience of all parties (tutors, entrepreneurs, and students)"

Pamela Bobadilla,

Environmental Engineering student

"Studying with aula-startup helped me to fix the knowledge of the faculty which was my main objective and as a plus to expand ideas for the future".

Gabriel Meizner

Investment Tutor

"I am confident that the best way to learn is to share and communicate our experiences to the new generations who are or will be facing challenges in their professional lives"


Regardless of borders and sectors, the platform since its launch 
has aimed to open collaborative spaces where students, entrepreneurs, and experts located around the world build opportunities together. 



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